The 50+ Awards - Rules

The 50+ Awards rules

The 50+ Awards are organised by The 50+ Show.

The 50+ Awards referee is Dr Robert McCaffrey, 50+ Show director: No correspondence is to be entered into and ‘the referee’s decision is final.’

Individual awards cannot be sponsored, but awards sectors can be sponsored: companies will be allowed to augment their list on the awards homepage, but the nomination and voting forms on the internet will be free of advertising.

Inclusion in the 50+ Awards nomination and voting process is free.

At the end of the nomination process, the top 10 most-nominated companies will go forward to the voting phase of the 50+ Awards. If a tie means that more than 12 companies would be long-listed, the least-nominated tied companies will be eliminated.

A category must have at least five different nominated companies to be considered valid prior to public voting: If insufficiently varied nominations are received for any category, the referee reserves the right not to open voting for the category and to make no award in that category.

The order of nominees on the voting forms will be randomised.

Companies may be nominated for, and be included in, the voting for more than one award.

The 50+ Awards will make reasonable efforts to inform nominees of their nomination status, but cannot guarantee that they will be informed.

On 1 May, the top three rated nominees in each category will be ‘shortlisted’ and will be made public via the 50+ Awards web site. Voting for the short-listed nominees will continue for another 2 months. Previous ratings will be carried over.

Each shortlisted company will be informed and is welcome to attend the 50+ Awards Ceremony at the 50+ Show at London Olympia.

Voting will close on 1 July.

If no representative of the company is present at the awards ceremony, the award will not be presented at the awards ceremony: the company will be responsible for collecting the award and/or for any expense in the presentation of the award. Awards not collected/presented within 90 days of the awards ceremony will be recycled.

It is noted that companies are likely to seek to have themselves nominated and, if long-listed and/or shortlisted, to encourage their customers to vote for them, and since it is impossible to ‘police’ this behaviour, it is - for the avoidance of doubt - explicitly allowed.