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The 50+ Awards are organised and presented by The 50+ Show, and are solely based on the internet nominations and votes of those who are aged 50+. The 50+ Awards were established in 2012 and are also known as ‘The Goldies.’

The winners and runners-up of The 50+ Awards 2017 have been announced

The 50+ Awards are based on voter ratings, to find the absolute best of the best!

“I think The 50+ Awards are brilliant and inspirational!” Mrs A. Scott

“The purchasing power and opinions of the 50+ population will in time establish The 50+ Awards as a benchmark.” Noel Desmier - 50+ Awards voter

Examples of 50+ Awards coverage:

Open University
Ramblers Worldwide Holidays
London & Partners

What the voters said:

• The best comprehensive survey that I have ever seen. Mr T.S., Scotland
• I have learnt about some companies and organisations that I didn’t know existed just by doing the survey, so now I’m going to surf the web.
• I have not heard of these awards till this evening, but it was interesting to see which organisations had been nominated.
• This made me realise how few of these 50+ organisations I have heard of! I will be looking them up to find out what they offer.
• I wasn’t aware of some of the companies in the lists - so has increased my awareness. I’m looking forward to seeing the winners!

View video of The 50+ Awards 2015 at The 50+ Show in London Olympia, July 2015

Timetable for the 50+ Awards 2017:

1 January: Nominations open (All registrants for The 50+ Show in 2016 are invited - by email - to nominate for the 50+ Awards 2017).
31 January: Nominations close.
7 February: Announcement of nomination long-lists (most-nominated); Voting opens (All previous registrants for The 50+ Show are invited to vote - and voting is open to all others who are over 50).
1 May: Announcement of short-lists (top 3 highest-rated nominees in each category).
1 July: Voting closes.
9 July: Winners announced online

See the rules for participation in The 50+ Awards

Click here to see the full list of previous winners of The 50+ Awards

The inaugural 50+ Awards 2012

The inaugural 50+ Awards 2012 (based on a total of 211,465 individual votes) were presented at a Gala Awards Reception on 13 July 2012, at London Olympia’s Pillar Hall.

In 2012, following a public nomination phase, shortlists of the most nominated in each category were put to a public vote. Over 6500 voters cast a total of 211,465 votes in 53 categories. With an average age of 64, our voters represented a total of 421,760 years of experience!

What the voters said about the 50+ Awards in 2012:

• Extremely good survey & easy to understand.
• I like that there are over 50 awards and pleased to vote too
• This was fun - thank you!
• I congratulate you on the concept - and for highlighting the fact ‘we matter’!
• Good survey, very interesting