The 50+ Show at Exeter Westpoint will return in September 2016!

The Exeter 50+ Show was held for the first time at Westpoint on Fri-Sat, 19-20 September 2014 - we had a fantastic time!

Thousands of visitors from around the West Country attended The 50+ Show at Westpoint, Exeter, staged for the first time in September 2014. Despite a huge electrical storm and extensive flooding on the morning of the first day of the event, which knocked out the police telephone exchange in Exeter, flooded and temporarily closed Exeter Airport and led to traffic chaos through Exeter itself, visitors bravely struggled through the storm in cars, buses, coaches and on public transport to experience the show for themselves. Both days of the show were busy, with Friday busier than Saturday. Exhibitors said that they were delighted with the turnout at the show, while visitors were amazed that such a large, varied and vibrant event had been laid on for them. All in all, The 50+ Show has added to the sum total of human gaiety once again!

Photos and the show video will be posted here shortly.

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One example of visitor feedback:

“My husband and I really enjoyed the show at Exeter today, it was very good. I have some comments if you don’t mind. We had not known anything about the show until last night when I was reading the Waitrose weekly newspaper which had a mention of it in the ”Whats on’ section. We live in East Devon and I would suggest advertising in the local ‘freebie’ papers, also because the show was new to Exeter people had not got used to looking out for it.

We liked the friendly relaxed atmosphere, especially with many areas where we could sit and take the weight off our feet! This also gave us a chance to read some of the leaflets we had been given and then return to a particular exhibitor to get more info. At most of other shows one goes home absolutely exhausted as there is nowhere to sit except outside on the steps - especially if you have your own ‘picnic’ which we like as my husband is diabetic and food at shows is not usually suitable.

We particularly enjoyed the Dawlish Dancers, they were so good, also the Abba singers. All dances and fashion shows were very good. The seminars were excellent, we attended five of them between us; it was unfortunate that the speakers - doctors etc. had to try to speak with competition from the sounds of Abba and other music and it made it difficult for people to hear- not sure what you can do about that! But it was really useful and thank you for the opportunity to hear these people speak and it was obvious that they answered many concerns that people have in later life. It surprised us that Diabetes UK was not an exhibitor as Diabetes is always in the news these days and so many people need advice about managing it. Oh and feet care too would be useful!

The Show enabled ‘providers’ and the public to talk together in an friendly and informal way to inform us of of their products. However well done for putting on a really good, informative and happy show. We will certainly look out for it again and recommend it to our friends. We came home and sat down with a ‘cuppa’ and to have an interesting read of these leaflets we were given. Thanks again for an enjoyable day.” Mrs Diana N. - East Devon

Exhibitor feedback:

“An excellent show which was really well organised and had a steady flow of visitors. Would definately exhibit again.” McCarthy & Stone

“This type of show works for us. Exeter opened up a new market which we hope will grow. We felt that the show more than met our expectations and we would be happy to rebook based on our experience.” Malcolm Peasnall, The Independent Traveller

“The first 50+ Show we have been involved with and we were very haopy with the way it was organised. Very profession people to deal with and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you.” Burfield Financial Planning Ltd

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